Is This You?

Consilium CCS Serves Companies in Transition

Consilium CCS clients are executives or owners of established small to medium enterprises in the Greater Toronto Area. They are facing or planning significant change to address disruptions or to adjust to growth. Our past clients are owners and executives with strong business skills from various industries. However, they did not have the expertise to plan and manage changes necessary to take their businesses to the next level.


Do some of these situations sound familiar?

A physiotherapy clinic owner, trying to increase revenue, kept working longer hours — up to 70 hours per week — without being able to increase his profits.  He keenly felt the missed family time.  He needed a new vision for his company. 

A legal firm wanted to expand their business by tripling the number of lawyers on staff.  The principal, concerned about tracking partners’ progress on cases, wanted software to assist him.  He wasn’t sure what software to buy or how to set it up.  Failure of this critical project would mean starting again from scratch and loss of significant investment. 

A landscaping company owner wanted to transition his company to his children.  Uncertain of the legal, financial, or operational impacts, he knew he needed to understand the issues and the steps involved.

Our clients also recognize that even with their impressive skill sets, they do not have the necessary skills, experience, and energy to plan and manage every change in their company.  Our clients enjoy partnering with experts because they know that they will help them get the job done right, the first time!

Sounds familiar? Then we would be happy to work with you.

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