Kirk McKay, Owner and Director of Consilium CCS

Hi, my name is Kirk McKay. Over the last 40 years, I have assisted numerous business owners from various industries in implementing positive changes. My expertise has resulted in some businesses doubling their profits, enhancing their operations, and overall organizational improvement. With a Master’s in Business Facilitation and extensive experience, I am equipped to make a significant impact.

My approach centers on outcome-oriented activities. I begin by discovering what inspired the business owner to launch their enterprise. Next, I aid in clarifying their top priorities and devising a strategy to achieve their goals.

Let’s collaborate to develop a strategy to transform your business into your ideal vision and establish a practical, sequential plan to execute it. We’ll establish reliable systems for each aspect of your business, including operations, marketing, and customer service, to ensure consistent success. These tried-and-true business practices have consistently produced positive results for achieving your desired outcomes.

I collaborate with my clients to create solutions that cater to their specific needs. We conduct interviews with the owner, executives, and key staff to gather necessary data. Together, we plan and ensure that the solution aligns with their preferences and record it in writing. Additionally, I offer coaching sessions to interpret the action plan and implement the strategy over a period of weeks.

My primary goal is to help you create something to make your dream come true. I stick to tried-and-true business fundamentals. These were covered in my Master’s degree and confirmed numerous times during my career.

I can rely on a broad network of specialists for guidance and assistance if I encounter a situation that goes beyond my education and experience. In my approach to Strategy in Action, I consider the motivations that drive business owners and the practical steps required to realize their dreams – a critical component often overlooked in standard strategic planning. My track record of success with numerous clients attests to the effectiveness of my approach and my ability to deliver the outcomes you seek.

To reach me right away, go to our Connect page.

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