Strategic Planning for a Clearer Vision

Many businesses face difficult challenges whenever the internal or external situation changes. Changing conditions range from disruptions in technology to increasing competition in the marketplace. The company must address its issues and adapt, or watch the business fail. For the business to succeed in this more challenging environment, the owner/CEO needs to get clear about:

  • Their business vision,
  • What is their unique selling proposition,
  • How they need to modify operations.

Strategy in Action will provide you with the opportunity to explore and address key issues. We start with expanding the vision of what’s possible with the business and then plan backward to determine the necessary first steps to begin the journey. We also look at the empowering beliefs you need to have in place to improve your opportunities for success. Strategy in Action helps the business owner move forward with the business in a more focused and deliberate manner.


Strategy in Action clearly and simply defines the strategic direction of your business. Strategy in Action provides a clear fix on:

  • Why you wish to continue in this business
  • What you want the business to become
  • The extent to which current activities will get you there
  • Action required to fix any major shortfalls
  • What the business needs to be doing to differentiate itself in your chosen market, to address potential competitors and disruptors
  • Key success factors you will need to manage to ensure the business achieves its long-term goals.

However, Strategy in Action is more than just an information collection process. It’s an opportunity to explore your own beliefs, motivation, and direction, so you can be a more effective leader, and allow you to get on with making your vision a reality.

The Process

Strategy in Action is delivered in person through scheduled meetings at mutually convenient locations. Optionally the process can be done remotely but requires a greater commitment to achieve success. The process we go through to complete Strategy in Action is:

1. 3-hour StartUP session

At an initial 3-hour StartUP session we will determine the specific outcomes for the Strategy in Action service and how to achieve a return on investment. The business owner is tasked with completing the Strategy in Action questionnaire. This questionnaire is designed to ask probing questions about:

  • The marketplace
  • The competitors
  • Business success
  • Business operations.

2. Owner’s Business Drivers Workshop

Business owners know a lot about their businesses. It’s a knowledge base that grows from constantly living the business, whether you are working in it or thinking about it. However, most business owners are not clear why they are still in business, as their needs and the business change over time. Strategy in Action includes the Owner’s Business Drivers Workshop, which clearly identifies the owner’s current motivation for being in business.

3. Mirror back

Next, we mirror back our findings to you. We draw on all the information provided about your business and reflect back an image of what we see as the best strategic direction for your business. Like a mirror, this process lets you see your business as others may see it. It then also enables you to adjust and fine-tune that vision into something that is both appealing and useful to you.

4. Strategy in Action Final Report

Consilium CCS then takes the outcomes of the Mirroring Back session and generates the Strategy in Action Final Report. The Final Report is designed to provide clear direction for the business. Having this will make it a lot easier to decide where to focus efforts. The Final Report will be custom designed to your needs. It is deliberately short and concise. Therefore, regularly reviewing the Final Report, and keeping the strategies fresh in your mind, is a painless experience.

Typically, the Final Report contains answers to the following questions:

  1. What business are you in?
  2. Why are you in this business?
  3. Where is the business heading?
  4. What type of image will you need to project?
  5. How will the business differentiate itself?
  6. How might all this look when put into action?
  7. What do you need to be doing differently?
  8. What are the next steps in taking action?
  9. How can you use this report?

We forward the Final Report to you via email.  At that point you can either choose to continue working with us and do the Action Planning phase or go at it alone.

A range of business planning services is also available. During Strategy in Action, you may have identified the need to develop a Business Plan or optimize your business workflow. Strategies may be required to deal with market disruptors or to become a disruptor yourself. Alternatively, you may need a CIO-on-Demand to get started on some of the changes you have identified. We can help you with any of these needs. We can become a temporary part of your team or simply hold a half-day work session to provide some thought starters.

Fees are dependent on the size and complexity of the business.  The range from $2500 to $5000. Get a quote today!

Getting Started

It’s clear from reading this that you understand the great possibilities and challenges that lie ahead for your business. You are also aware that the greatest challenge is finding a direction for your business that fully motivates you as well as getting an understanding of the steps required. Ahead of you is a fantastic opportunity to identify the changes you and your business need to make to create the financial success you seek.

One of the most significant challenges in meeting these personal commitments is getting started.  We are confident that Strategy in Action will provide you with the launch pad you seek. Contact Us now to get started!