Strategy in Action, Custom Coaching Package


Align your business plans to your personal reasons for being in business and resolve your challenges with changing business conditions with our director and senior coach, Kirk. Address your company’s issues by becoming clear on your company’s vision and unique selling proposition and how you need to modify your company’s operations to make your company succeed.

The Strategy in Action plan will help you move forward with your business in a more focused, deliberate manner. An effective strategic plan removes the fear of the future and doubts about what to do next.  We start by examining what drives you to run your business, which is critical to tailor the plan to your needs. Go where you want to go!

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Dint Australia Case Study

It’s a common tale from business owners … the Dint Australia owners, Anthony and Michael Dinte, had been stalled for five years at the same gross revenue. Nothing would budge it no matter what they tried. They were so frustrated, and net profits were slowly sinking. After the initial Business Efficiency Check, we jointly agreed we had to re-envision the company and determine why the owners were in business and where they wanted the business to go in three years.

We executed the Strategy in Action service. It took two months to implement all the required changes. All departments were affected, including Customer Service and Accounts Receivable. In the third month, monthly revenues doubled and continued to rise for the rest of the year. The impact on profits was even better. Anthony and Michael were ecstatic!

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