Our Service Offerings

Consilium CCS offers a complete range of disruption and change management services for small to medium enterprises. All services offered support organizations going through significant changes where success is crucial.

IT Leadership Services

With our IT Leadership Services, business owners have a technology savvy executive who will effectively turn business critical projects into reality. Your IT Leadership consultant becomes an integral part of your executive team and creates technology strategies and plans that will further corporate strategy. IT Leadership Services include creating evaluation matrixes for assessing the viability any project. Clients are kept fully informed about their initiatives, and their participation is encouraged. Knowledge of change management techniques is passed on to other staff and management. The types of changes supported include strategic /business plan implementations, new product launches, and IT system deployments.  Click here for more details.

Strategy in Action

With our Strategy in Action service, business owners get clear on building a business that is compatible with their values and goals.  This service clarifies your vision for the business, its unique value proposition, ideal client, and required strategic initiatives.  This includes our unique Business Driver Workshop.  Click here for more details.

Business Planning

Our Business Planning service turn strategic initiatives into concrete action plans.  Owners and key staff are coached to improve their people and task management skills so they can successfully put their plans into action.  Click here for more details.

Business Optimization

Some businesses know where they want to go but need to align their business processes with their business strategies.  Our Business Process Optimization service helps them address misaligned and ineffective operations to ensure success. Click here for more details.

Executive Advisory Service

Consilium CCS has an Executive Advisory service, which provides customized coaching with targeted, measurable results. Consilium CCS offers a highly experienced coach and mentor so that you can grow your business to match your dreams and lifestyle. Coaching sessions can be held face to face or by teleconference.  Click here for more details.