Our Service Approach

What You Get

Consilium CCS lowers the risk caused by change and disruptions.   We help you find the right tools, develop the necessary skills, and refine key processes to allow you to grow according to your plan whether it’s a project, program, strategic, or business plan.
Consilium CCS develops strategies to meet your goals for dealing with disruption, growth or succession.   Effective transitions require a clear vision for all to follow.   We develop practical strategic plans linked to action plans to fulfill your vision.

Consilium CCS helps you take your life back from your business while creating a profitable organization.   Many small to medium enterprise owners become unwilling slaves to their businesses.   We know how to set you free so that you are running your business and not your business running you.

Consilium CCS prepares plans that attract investors and set the direction for the future.   Some situations require formal business plans to facilitate communication with investors, financiers, government, and management.   We help you prepare a plan that suits your particular needs with the proper slant for the target audience.

Our Guiding Values

Consilium CCS believes you define what a successful effort is.
  Our goal is always to understand how clients define success and structure our efforts to meet or exceed those requirements.  We sit down with our clients when we start a service to define your goals and set reasonable targets.  That clear vision provides mutual focus.

Consilium CCS partners with our clients.   As a partner in the engagement, we take equal ownership of the results.   We will be telling you what you need to know, not just what you want to hear.  We also expect the same commitment from you.   Together we succeed.

Consilium CCS is above all flexible.   Different clients need different things.   We customize our offering for every client to ensure we meet or exceed those needs.

Why Consilium CCS?

You can rely on Consilium CCS to effectively manage change and disruption. Kirk McKay, Chief Consultant for Consilium CCS, brings over 30 years experience in successfully managing and facilitating change. He also has solid credentials such as Project Management Professional certification, Business Coaching certification, and a degree in Technology Management. Consilium CCS also has a network of like-minded professionals to provide any required specialties.

Consilium CCS understands you.  Having been in business for 30 years, we understand and speak your language. We know that a successful change is judged by the positive impact it has on your business. With experience in a wide range of industry verticals, we also understand how your industry is different.

Consilium CCS knows how to leverage technology.  Whether you are automating a manufacturing line or setting up a service business back office, we know how to select and implement the technology to multiply your efforts and increase profitability. We can brainstorm with you to create approaches to disrupt the market or to face an external disruption successfully.

Consilium CCS guarantees its work meets your needs.   If we cannot provide the services or quality you require, we will identify alternative resources that can.  Resources may include other firms with similar services or related services.

You now have a better idea about the results that you can expect by working with us and our approach and philosophy in working with clients. Go to our Services & Programs page to learn about specific services and programs that we offer.

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