Executive Coaching to Improve Your Focus


One of the critical success factors for any business is to build strong leadership. Business owners and executives need to be goal-oriented, persistent, and deliberate in the way they grow their business. This includes:

  • Getting clear on the personal goals that motivate them
  • Developing strategic plans that set direction
  • Broadening problem-solving resources
  • Creating systems to store experience
  • Effectively managing time and resources
  • Developing strategic staff management skills.

The development of leadership capability is an ongoing process throughout the life of the business. As the business and market conditions evolve, a leader’s skills also need to evolve. The result is an effective leader who not only performs better themselves but raises the level of performance of everyone around them. The impact is phenomenal and affects every aspect of the business especially profitability and corporate culture.

How do you evolve leadership skills? Coaching is an effective method. Ask Tiger Woods. His golf coach follows him to every game and practice so that he has the feedback and advice that allows him to excel.

The Process

Coaching programs

Consilium CCS offers three and six-month coaching programs to raise leadership skill levels and provide objective, third-party advice and support. We can customize term and structure for individual needs. Most often coaching sessions take place on a fortnightly basis, in person, or over the phone. Time, date, and location for each session are worked out in advance.

Goals and Work Plan

We set the Goals and Work Plan at the beginning of each program. Each program must have a clear set of goals, which are in line with the long-term vision for the business. We then look at the current strengths and weaknesses of the business concerning that goal and pinpoint the changes that need to take place. Lastly, we prioritize and timeline those changes.

Regular coaching sessions

In the subsequent sessions, as we address the changes identified, we monitor progress toward achieving your goals. We also determine ways of overcoming any barriers. Coaching sessions set bite-sized tasks, which can be completed by the next session. The success of the module is reliant on your willingness and ability to commit to doing the work that is required. The more effort you are willing to put in, the greater return on investment you will see. This program is for those executives ready to make that commitment.

Lessons learned

The coaching program concludes with a lessons learned session. In this session we do a detailed examination of the process that has unfolded; what worked well, what didn’t and what you would do differently moving forward. Since the progress you make depends on the level of your commitment, the completion of particular goals cannot be guaranteed. Regardless of the progress on your goals, you will always learn a lot about yourself and the challenges you face. Taking time to do this reflection rapidly accelerates your progress toward the ultimate goals for your business.

Getting Started

Fees for a typical three-month coaching program, including seven 1.5-hour telephone sessions, session preparation, and reporting is $1950 (excluding HST). We can prepare a quote that takes into account your preferred session length and frequency. Consulting services can also be mixed with coaching if you need someone to take tasks off your hands.

Consilium CCS’s Executive Advisory Service is a cost-effective way to improve profits and grow your business. Contact Us to find out more.