Preparing Business Plans


Do you have a venture that needs to attract the attention of investors?

Is it critical to present a business case that supports your reputation? A clearly argued and well-presented business case?

Have you set your strategic direction but need to turn it into a concrete action plan?

Do you need to reflect your company strategy in your plans for technology innovation?

Our Business Planning service turns strategic initiatives into concrete actions within a business plan. Owners and key staff are also coached to improve their people and task management skills so they can successfully execute the business plan.

The Process

To achieve this outcome we:

  1. Establish a template for the plan layout and content
  2. Review current understanding and information about the business and its strategy
  3. Determine any gaps in information or rationale
  4. Conduct research to address any gaps
  5. Download all information into the plan template
  6. Review and refine content to ensure a sharp, succinct final document
  7. Develop a process to implement the actions in the business plan.

Getting Started

Clear plans that are well-communicated provide the means and focus to get everyone marching in the same direction. Properly prepared plans impress investors and can secure much-needed capital.

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