It’s a common tale from business owners … the Dint Australia owners, Anthony and Michael Dinte, had been stalled for five years at the same gross revenue. Nothing would budge it no matter what they tried, and net profits were slowly sinking. After the initial Business Efficiency Check, we jointly agreed we had to re-envision the company and determine why the owners were in business and where they wanted the business to go in three years.

We planned out and started to execute a Strategy in Action coaching session. For them, it consisted of the following:

  1. Personal Business Drivers Workshop
  2. Standard SWOT Analysis, including unique selling proposition definition
  3. Strategic Plan
  4. Optimum Organization Workshop
  5. Tactical Implementation Plan.

    Number one helped them understand that working in roles they enjoyed and valued was important, besides just increasing revenue. Number two helped them realize they had the ability to create products their competitors could not match and that they were the fastest with building and delivering. The Strategic Plan gave them the 3-year vision and what they had to do differently to grow as they wanted. Number four streamlined all operations, and many staff changed roles. Anthony’s CEO role moved to his brother Michael, and he became the VP of Product Development and Sales.

    It took two months to implement all the required changes. All departments were affected, including Customer Service and Accounts Receivable. In the third month, monthly revenues doubled and continued to rise for the rest of the year. The impact on profits was even better. Anthony and Michael were estatic! Me, I was so happy to be able to make such a positive impact on Dint Australia. Looking back, none of the changes made were surprising, but the work helped everyone see clearly what was needed.

    Dint Australia Case Study

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