You started a small business, hired people for your key departments and now want to grow the business to suit your needs. Go where you want to go! Consilium CCS can help on your pathway to growth, from Flight Prep, Ready for Takeoff, In Flight or Landing. Let's chat about how I can put my strategy planning expertise to work for you.

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Services & Programs

Services & Programs

Our Service Offerings Consilium CCS offers a complete range of tools for small to medium enterprises to take their business to the next level. All services that are offered support organizations going through significant changes where success is crucial. Check

FREE Business Success Survey

FREE Business Success Survey

The Business Success Survey will help you to see what areas in your business are not aligned with your needs and require some work. The Business Success Survey will identify where you need to adapt your business to you so

Strategy in Action

Strategy in Action

Strategy in Action, Custom Coaching Package   Align your business plans to your personal reasons for being in business and resolve your challenges with changing business conditions with our director and senior coach, Kirk. Address your company’s issues by becoming


“This is absolutely brilliant. It’s an absolute testament to your capabilities and something you should be very proud of. Tim will be left a little speechless seeing his business documented in such a way. I think your writing is very clear and simple. The format is professional and easy to follow.”

Kirrily Dear, Eyes Wide Open re Southwell-Keely Solicitors optimized workflow "Owner of EWO"

“[I am] taking control of my business direction from a visionary perspective. I now feel empowered with this knowledge.”

Chris Rumble Owner of IDPM Pty Limited

“Working with Kirk I have found his advice to be instructive, sound and easy to grasp. We have a lot of work to do yet to achieve our objectives, but I have no doubt that with Kirk’s guidance in preparing our business plans [that] we will be successful in attaining our goal.”

Elizabeth Todd, Director Owner of Bimbadeen Estates

"We are all doing really well. The business has doubled since we last dealt with you and we are ready to do it again. To be brutally honest, you were the best coach that our team has ever had."

Michael Dinte, Owner CEO of Dint Australia


Here are some of the clients Consilium CCS has helped in the past.

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