Is your business facing disruption from technology innovations and new business models? Do you need a more effective strategy to not only face them but beat them? Do you need support implementing a high-risk or high-profile initiative confidently? Meet with Kirk and have a no-obligation discussion on your needs and issues. Keep the focus on your goals. Contact him now to get started right away.

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Kirk was a PM for me for a very difficult client engagement. On top of a demanding client, he had insane deadlines with regulatory date requirements, incomplete client deliveries and too much executive oversight. Even with these obstacles, he delivered the project flawlessly and professionally, meeting the regulatory time-lines while impressing the client such that they specifically asked for him again on the next large engagement. He is a true professional and a pleasure to work with, I would consider him an excellent addition to any team.

Brad Downes "Director at Symcor and former manager"

IT Leadership Services

Facing Disruptions with Confidence Disruption could cost you a third of your business – According to MIT’s Center for Information Systems, by 2020, 32% of revenue will be at risk due to digital disruption. That could stick a real spanner

Strategy in Action

Strategic Planning for a Clearer Vision Many businesses face difficult challenges whenever the internal or external situation changes. Changing conditions range from disruptions in technology to increasing competition in the marketplace. The company must address its issues and adapt, or watch

Business Planning

Preparing Business Plans Objectives Do you have a venture that needs to attract the attention of investors? Is it critical to present a business case that supports your reputation? A clearly argued and well-presented business case? Have you set your

Business Optimization

Optimizing Your Business Workflow A business with solid plans and strategies for moving ahead must implement them. Gaps usually exist between where the business wants to be and where it is now. Therefore, existing operations do not effectively support your

Executive Advisory Service

Executive Coaching to Improve Your Focus Objective One of the critical success factors for any business is to build strong leadership. Business owners and executives need to be goal-oriented, persistent, and deliberate in the way they grow their business. This includes: